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      Skateboarding fans will tell you: Once you've had a go, it's hard not to repeat the experience. What's more, with new versions of skateboards such as surfskates, the world of riding has never been so diverse. If you want to get started, check out our selection of surfkates and longboards for beginners.

      What's the difference between skateboards, surfskates and longboards?

      A timeless classic, the skateboard that everyone knows. Most people have tried it at some point in their lives, with varying degrees of success.

      Skateboards are undoubtedly the most popular among freestyle enthusiasts. The distinct nose and tail allow riders to perform tricks more easily.

      As for surfskates, they're the hottest board on the market at the moment. And with good reason, it has pushed back the limits of asphalt sliding even further. Thanks to the spring-loaded mobile front truck, you no longer need to push the board with your back foot to propel yourself forward. All you have to do is pump the board like a surfboard.

      Surfing fans can even practise in peace and quiet in the street!

      A longboard is a skateboard that is longer than a conventional skateboard.

      The discipline was invented in the 1970s, shortly after skateboarding (1961), by Californian surfers who needed waves and sensations akin to surfing and snowboarding.

      This board sport aims to recreate these sensations in curves and trajectories, and can be practised in town or on the road.

      The most common uses for a longboard are as follows:

      1. Cruising: Cruising means taking the "classic" longboard out for a spin or a ride. Cruising or sidewalk surfing boards generally offer a fairly versatile shape. T
      2. Carving: carving is a way of skating with sharp turns that is reminiscent of surfing, with the aim of achieving strong, fluid curves, generally practised on moderate slopes.
      3. Dancing: longboard dancing is a discipline that is gradually spreading around the world, involving dance moves on your longboard.