Bouée tractée

Towed buoys

Welcome to the longboard collection at Coasto, your premier destination for a smooth and elegant riding experience. The longboard is designed to offer a seamless ride and unparalleled stability, perfectly suited for relaxed cruising or high-speed descents. Enjoy the benefits of a longboard that combines style, control, and limitless enjoyment. Whether you're an enthusiastic beginner or a seasoned riding veteran, our longboards are here to take you on new adventures while redefining your relationship with the pavement.

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      Discover our towed buoy collection, designed with Coasto expertise for unrivalled sensations! Immerse yourself in the excitement of gliding across the water with family and friends with our top-quality range. Get ready for thrilling and memorable moments with your towed buoy. Embark on the Coasto adventure and enjoy a first-class towed buoy experience on the water.